Slate Roof Benefits

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What are the benefits of having and maintaining a slate roof?

Slate is a natural and environmentally friendly product that is derived from stone and has been used in roofing for centuries.

It is a non-porous material that is extremely durable and resistant to extreme weathering and temperatures while also being fire resistant.

Because of slate’s durable nature, it is a desirable material to use when roofing, as it doesn’t require frequent repair or replacement, while being an easy material to work with and erect.

A properly erected slate roof can be said to last for upwards of fifty years while maintaining a beautiful and classic appearance that will complement the appearance of any structure it is used on.
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Slate Roofing Benefits

Slate shingles are extremely durable and probably the most popular form of roofing worldwide.  Slate shingles can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, as slate is a non-porous material and is so durable it doesn’t require frequent replacement.  A slate shingle is essentially a stone material and features two lines of breakability called cleavage and grain.  The stone is split into thin sheets of flat slates that are easy to stack while maintaining a natural appearance.  Slate shingles are also fire resistant and energy efficient.  


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